About the 最好 最好的 Awards Issue 

二十多年来 夏洛特 杂志 has dedicated its May issue to the 最好的 最好 in 夏洛特. We call it “The BOB奖” for short, and we recognize the city’s finest in food and drink, entertainment, shopping, mind and body, and more–almost a hundred winners in all. After the list is published, we host an event to celebrate the winners.


EAT: The 最好 of 餐饮

PLAY: The 最好 of Beer, Wine, Cocktails, Nightlife, and Going Out

EXPLORE: The 最好 of Arts, Culture, and Entertainment

LIVE: The 最好 of Health and 养生, Kids and Family

SHOP: The 最好 of 风格和购物


竞彩分析 最好 最好的 派对

The 竞彩分析 最好 最好的 派对 originally scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 竞彩分析 has been cancelled due to COVID-19.  We’re working on an alternative way to celebrate our 竞彩分析 winners this year—details coming this fall!



Winners are picked and written up by staffers, former staffers, and regular contributors of 夏洛特 杂志. When we pick a winner, not only have we been there, but we’ve been to several other top contenders as well. We are confident in saying that our pick is the best in town.

We also ask the 夏洛特 community to vote for their favorites in a few categories, and voting opens in January each year.

Read a full explanation of the BOBs process here.


Are you a 竞彩分析 winner or runner-up?

To help you spread the good news, we created this handy 竞彩分析 BOB Winners’ Toolkit. It has everything you need to tell 夏洛特 you’ve been named the 最好的 最好 in the city.

Order custom plaques, download social media graphics, and more!

竞彩分析 Bobs冠军


The 最好的 最好 派对

我们的年度 最好 最好的 派对 has become one of the most anticipated events in the city.

Sample fresh bites and festive cocktails from award-winning restaurants, enjoy live entertainment and much more, as we celebrate this year’s 精英中的精英 of 夏洛特 in a beautiful garden oasis at the Mint Museum Uptown in 夏洛特 杂志’s annual spring 最好 最好的 派对 has been rescheduled to Oct. 1, 竞彩分析.

2019 最好 最好的 Winners

⇢ EAT Food and Dining
⇢ PLAY Drinking and Nightlife
⇢ EXPLORE Arts and Culture
⇢ LIVE Health and Family
⇢ SHOP Style and Shopping


Scenes from the 2019 最好的 BEST 派对





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